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  • Should I upgrade to Windows 11?

    A more notable new feature of Windows 11 is Snap Assist, which makes it easier to arrange open apps on your desktop into Layouts and Groups. Like much of Windows 11, it’s a more granular version of a Windows 10 feature —specifically, the way you can already “snap” windows into pre-configured layouts on Windows 10. […]

  • How to do a clean install of Windows 10: Which option is best for you?

    Bear in mind that upgrading to a new operating system can take time, so ensure you do not shut down your computer during the process. Before we begin, it’s imperative that you make a backup of all your important data. Even though these methods work, something could happen to interrupt the process like sudden power […]

  • Top 4 Ways to Uninstall Drivers From Windows 11

    Used golf carts cost around $2,000 to $5,000, depending on various factors. Age plays a huge role in the price tag, with older models costing less. Customization also affects how much you’ll pay. Your location and who drivers download ZTE Modems you purchase your golf cart from also affect the price. Windows 10 comes with […]

  • java How to pass the camera preiew stream into google ml kit face detector to check if eyes are closed in real time

    After that, launch the camera app and it will ask for webcam permission. Simply allow it, and you should see the image coming out from your test my webcam. According to user reports, the MacBook camera doesn’t work on Zoom during video calls. Apart from that, you can put an aluminum foil in such a […]

  • USB Drivers and Controller Communication

    Over the years, it’s become the best Android app emulator around, making it a great solution for games and apps that don’t have a corresponding desktop version. If you want to mirror your phone screen directly, click the phone screen image in the Your Phone desktop app. Grant permission to the app on your phone, […]

  • Brother printer errors common codes and messages

    After waiting for 10 minutes plug everything back in and start all the modules. Connect the printer to your computer through a USB cable and let it install the required drivers. You will find all your printers listed there; right-click on your Brother printer and then select the option‘Remove device’option. For users affected by any […]

  • How to Test a Camera on Your Computer and Phone

    However, if you still experience problems, the Microsoft support team suggests that you use the “Windows Feedback Hub” to report a bug. Go to “Choose which Microsoft Store apps can access your camera” and allow access to the camera for the apps you want to use . My worst fear is struggling with activating and […]

  • Uninstall Remove Old Drivers From Windows The Ultimate Guide

    If the above-mentioned processes seem like a hassle, it’s because they are. Instead, update all your drivers automatically with AVG Driver Updater. You’ll never have to worry about outdated audio drivers spoiling your favorite music, movies, and games — because you’ll be equipped with all the latest drivers for all your devices. With support for […]

  • How to fix Hyper Scape VCRUNTIME140_1 dll Not Found Error

    This method has worked for many https://driversol.com/dll/vcruntime140_dll, but unfortunately not for me. So, I did exactly what I did when I was facing a similar issue with Vanguard, next. As you know, Call of Duty now has a new anti-cheat called Ricochet. Download and install the Vcruntime140_1.dll manually. Then check to see if the affected […]

  • Refresh Rate Drops at 59 95hz after Automatic Windows Update

    3) Go to Device Manager and click “Display Adapter” and make sure you are on the MS Basic Display Adapter. If not, uninstall the AMD driver using Properties. Kevin is a dynamic and self-motivated information technology professional, with a Thorough knowledge of all facets pertaining to network infrastructure design, implementation and administration. Superior record of […]

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