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If it’s enabled, right-click it and select Restart. Therefore, if after updating your Bluetooth drivers the issues aren’t fixed, try in removing your wireless managers that are running on your device. This tool will keep your system safe as you can manually download and install the wrong driver version and end up facing an even greater danger. Swift Pair is a hidden gem, too, and while not every device supports this quick connection, many do and it makes the process even easier. Enabling Bluetooth in Windows 10 won’t get you very far without actually connecting a device. Windows 10 can handle multiple Bluetooth devices at the same time and makes it quite easy to manage them all.

There are hacks around it but for most users I don’t see this being a big issue. If you went the USB drive route, the tool then downloads the necessary Windows 11 installation files and copies them to the USB drive. Then open the drive and double-click the setup.exe file to kick off the upgrade. Run the MediaCreationToolW11.exe file, then accept the license terms and confirm the language and edition of Windows that you want. You can then choose to copy the installation files to a USB drive or generate an ISO file and burn it to a disk.

How To Get Windows 11 Early With Microsoft’s Insider Program

Under most circumstances, particularly in the case of employee training, showing someone how to do something is generally better than merely telling someone how to do something. However, when it comes to information technology and the personal computer, that often means capturing on-screen activities in a video file. In the past, a screen capture like that might require specialized software, but not if you are using Microsoft Windows 10. OBS Studio is a very powerful desktop recording and streaming application that’s surprisingly free to use. There are so many features that we’ve barely scratched the surface in this article. In the past with Window 10, I have been able to use the Xbox application, Game bar, to record apps with their audio and also over the mic.

  • Then, you can either click the screenshot button in the Game Bar or use a default keyboard shortcut Windows button + Alt + PrtSc to screenshot your full screen.
  • Yes, if the Bluetooth’s hardware is disabled in Device Manager, the Settings app doesn’t list the Bluetooth section and settings.
  • I cannot speak this page for games since I am not a game user.
  • If you find one or more Bluetooth More Info adapters then you can rest easy knowing that your PC supports Bluetooth, and you can move on to the fixes.

It can connect two devices that are under a distance of 32 Feet . More advanced and newer versions can provide a longer range, but the standard maximum distance is about 32 feet . After you are done with file sharing, bear in mind that the enabled Bluetooth would still be using both the device’s battery life.

How to take a screenshot in Windows 11/10

Simply click and draw on your screen to copy the captured area to your clipboard. This capture can then be pasted in any compatible text field like when composing an email, or to an image sharing site, or in an image editor to create new images altogether. You can also add your captured area as a new layer in any compatible image editor on your PC. Every time you will take a screenshot on your PC, you will get a notification and if you open that notification, you will get all the screenshots which are saved on your PC. This is the easiest method to take screenshots till now because this feature helps the users to set their preferable keyboard shortcut to get a screenshot.

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Once it finds your Bluetooth device, the installation will be finished. Now, we’ll try to reinstall the Bluetooth device, and see if it has any positive effects. Find your Bluetooth device, right-click it, and go to Uninstall Device.

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